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Ethical, Sustainable & Organic Teas

All our ingredients are ethically sourced and we buy all our tea directly from a small co-operative of independent Fairtrade farmers, rather than through large tea traders.

Fairtrade teas

Qi teas are prepared in a true spirit of partnership with local farmers and growers.

Fairtrade strives to guarantee a better deal for third world producers, ensuring not only fair prices paid for the product, but fair wages and conditions for all those involved in the harvesting and production process. Herbal Health provides farmers and growers with:

  • A fair price and guaranteed income.
  • Financial support by contributing towards the costs of organic inspections.
  • Technical training and technical support.
  • Agreed employment framework for workers, which respects their human rights and promotes good working conditions.
  • A social and community fund which promotes and supports community well being.

Tea farmer

The social and community fund aims at:

  • Sustaining the economic viability and well being of remote mountain communities by helping them diversify their organic agricultural output.
  • Supporting village schools and helping them meet the needs of children from remote village communities who board at the school.

Visit the Fairtrade Foundation web-site for more information.


We offer a range of 100% Organic teas - grown without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, so are healthier for you. Qi Organic teas are independently certified organic by international accreditation body Ecocert, as well as the Soil Association in the UK. Soil Association Certification is the UK's largest organic certification body, responsible for certifying over 70% of all organic products sold in the country. The Soil Association symbol on our packs is your guarantee that our products meet the highest standards of sustainability and quality.


We are often questioned about our packaging and whether it is all necessary. As a small company our products have to fulfil different functions for different markets, and we try to combine these in the simplest way possible. Our teabags are wrapped in individual paper envelopes, this helps protect the delicate tea and is an essential format for the catering trade, however, the paper we use is un-bleached and the bags are free from glue and aluminum staples. ALL our packaging is fully recyclable.